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The Fund For Philanthropy launches “RaisingED Achievers Fund”


Aug 14


ATLANTA, GA – August 3, 2014


On August 4, 2014 The Fund For Philanthropy (TFFP) launches “RaisingED Achievers Fund”, a scholarship crowd funding platform for college students. The RaisingEd Achievers Fund is our newest program       specifically aimed at college students in need of money to complete their education. Our goal is to make sure that all incoming and existing college students have an opportunity to attend, matriculate, and finish their education from beginning to end.


TFFP’s strategic partnership with Process Donation, LLC, a leading online platform for online fundraising and donor management, makes possible the ability for individual college students to create their own unique fundraising campaigns to help raise much needed funds to get them through school. Process Donation technology helps students increase public awareness for and appreciation of how great technology can enhance the college education process.


“This campaign is really the life’s work of Michael Hubbard, one of TFFP’s Regional Directors, serving the east coast states. For years Michael has had this idea sitting on the shelf, and finally the day has come when he can help so many students help themselves,” said TFFP Chairman and Executive Director, Tony Suber. “Our donors are eager for us to solve real problems, and we all agree that sustainable funding for college students ranks very high. Perhaps with our help we can all begin to take a step in the right direction towards fixing this problem.”


About The Fund For Philanthropy

Founded in 2012 by Chairman and Executive Director Tony Suber, The Fund For Philanthropy (TFFP) is an independent nonprofit charity that is a donor advised fund sponsoring organization. A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving vehicle, which allows an individual, family or corporation to make an irrevocable, tax-deductible contribution of personal assets to a public charity, and at any time afterward, to recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations. Donor advised funds are administered through a public charity that pools donors’ contributions, invests them according to the donors’ investment selection and makes grants to charitable organizations upon the recommendations of donors. TFFP provides donors with charitable giving tools and resources to assist them in their philanthropic and fundraising efforts. For more information visit






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