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Pro Players Give Back

Welcome to the Pro Players Give Back Charitable Giving Fund (PPGB), managed by Allen Rossum. We strive to assist donors in maximizing the impact of their charitable gifts and hope that you’ll make full use of the services offered.



PPGB is the longtime dream of Allen Rossum, former NFL professional. Giving back to the community and lending a helping hand in any way possible has always been on Allen’s lifelong agenda. In his own way, he has been helping others since he was just ten-years old and hasn’t stopped looking out for others since then. He does whatever he can for his hometown in Dallas and for his new home the city of Atlanta. He knows that regardless of your role in life, giving back and helping out within your community is something that everyone should be involved with.


PPGB Charitable Giving Fund is a donor advised fund program offered in partnership with The Fund For Philanthropy, Inc. (TFFP). TFFP is an independent public charity dedicated to helping individuals effectively reach their philanthropic goals while maximizing the impact of their gifts. This document describes The PPGB Charitable Giving Fund and the benefits of opening an account. The PPGB Charitable Giving Fund is subject to the terms and conditions of TFFP’s articles of incorporation, bylaws and this document. TFFP’s Board of Directors reserves the right to modify The PPGB Charitable Giving Fund at any time. Allen20RossumContributions to the PPGB Charitable Giving Fund are irrevocable and may be tax-deductible as of the date the contribution is made.



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