The Fund For Philanthropy

Getting Started

A donor advised fund can be opened with a minimum gift of $25,000. You can use cash, stock, real estate or other assets to create a named fund and qualify for an immediate tax deduction.



As the donor, you can be actively engaged in the grant-making process. The Fund For Philanthropy gives you the right to advise on distributions from your fund to specific charities. We are also available to identify organizations that match your charitable interests. Additional gifts may be made to your donor advised fund at any time.


Reasons to Create a Donor Advised Fund

It’s Easy. The necessary paperwork to establish a new fund is straightforward and can be completed in minutes. Recommending grants from your fund only requires a simple one-page form. We take care of the paperwork for you, so that you can focus your time on more important things.


It’s Flexible. With a minimum of $25,000, you can establish a fund for just about any purpose and make grants to the local, national and global organizations that you see fit.


It’s Personal. As a donor advisor to The Fund For Philanthropy, you not only may recommend distributions from your fund to specific charities, you may also designate a successor advisor to the fund – an effective way to engage other family members in charitable activity. We’re here to offer individualized service and strategies to help you carry out your goals and suggest ways to increase your impact.


It’s Efficient. We handle the administrative tasks of your fund – from investment administration to grants management – all for a nominal administrative fee. All of our funds share the costs of administration, allowing for economies of scale.


How Donor Advised Fund Administration Works

We pool all our charitable funds for administrative purposes, however each participating fund receives individualized active investment management for maximum investment return and flexibility. You may choose from a variety of existing investment management strategies, or recommend your fund be managed by your own investment advisor, allowing total transparency as you support the charitable causes you care about most.


It is up to you to determine the appropriate level of spending from your donor advised fund account, as there is no mandatory spending requirement. If you are interested in preserving your fund for the long term, you have the option to annually rollover your entire account and the investment growth until such time you are ready to make grants.


Minimum balances for funds that participate in our outside investment management program is $100,000.