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Welcome to The Georgia Fund for Philanthropy, managed by Amy Lance. We strive to assist donors in maximizing the impact of their charitable gifts and hope that you’ll make full use of the services offered.




Fix Georgia Pets is a nonprofit organization that coordinates existing low-cost spay and neuter clinics, mobile units, and private practice veterinarians who in turn provide their services to people who could not otherwise afford to have their pet “fixed.”



  • The Georgia Fund for Philanthropy benefits Fix Georgia Pets as a nonprofit organization which address the root of the problem behind animal overpopulation and euthanasia in Georgia. Because our state must euthanize more than 300,000 dogs and cats every year, we are focused on a solution to end the tragic rate of death.  We can fix the problem if we Fix Georgia Pets. We coordinate and fund large scale, low cost spay / neuter efforts with strategic partners in clinics and mobile units statewide who agree to discount their services through our sponsorships. 

    * We can end pet overpopulation in Georgia. Over 500,000 dogs and cats are turned in to Georgia shelters, and over 300,000 never make it out alive. With an average 62% “kill rate”, we are one of the worst states in the country facing this crisis which is also environmental as feral cats and stray dogs are growing in volume every year. What many Georgians don’t know is that they are paying the bill. The animal control / animals shelter costs are $100 million annually with approximately half of that amount covering the cost of euthanasia and disposal.


    * We can end the suffering. If we get ahead of the waves of litters being born by fixing dogs and cats statewide, we can stop the cycle of homeless animals.  The solution is simple and humane. We raise funds to sponsor thousands of low income pet owners to have their pets fixed, and we also provide sponsorships for feral cats who are trapped by volunteers, brought in to be fixed, and then returned to their communities where they are an asset for rodent control.


    * We can provide a safer environment. The numbers of children and postal carriers bitten every year by stray dogs and feral cats is staggering. Many of those animals were abandoned in the streets because the animal shelters cannot take them due to already being overcrowded. The abandoned animals reproduce, increasing the problem and spreading disease as well.


    * We can increase awareness through education. Until you know there is a problem, you can’t fix it. People must understand the growing crisis Georgia is facing, and that the solution is simple and humane.  It simply needs funding on a large scale. We will also be presenting educational materials and workshops to school groups through children’s museums and other forums about ways to understand pet behavior to avoid being bitten, and ways to prevent animal cruelty.




The Georgia Fund for Philanthropy, is a donor advised fund program offered in partnership with The Fund For Philanthropy, Inc. (TFFP). TFFP is an independent public charity dedicated to helping individuals effectively reach their philanthropic goals while maximizing the impact of their gifts. This document describes The Georgia Fund for Philanthropy and the benefits of opening an account. The Georgia Fund for Philanthropy is subject to the terms and conditions of TFFP’s articles of incorporation, bylaws and this document. TFFP’s Board of Directors reserves the right to modify The Georgia Fund for Philanthropy at any time. Contributions to The Georgia Fund for Philanthropy are irrevocable and may be tax-deductible as of the date the contribution is made.





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